Day 4 – Chapter 8 – The Roll-Through

The roll through.

This is a short chapter with just a few figures. I didn’t do any of them very well actually, but they are good basic figures to get practice with the roll through. This is also commonly known as a “bird body.”

The first roll through in the chapter, and a good all-around figure for any twister, is the swan. This is another one of those fundamentals like the dog. Making the perfect one-balloon swan is a zen experience worth pursuing. The one I have here is not that swan, but it’s a start.


This is a good example of using the uninflated end for a different texture in the sculpture itself.

The next figures show how important it is to judge the tail needed based on the number of twists. I did poorly with that, so you see tails that are very high pressure segments, almost ready to pop. Beginners in many hobbies have trouble with using “less” of a thing. It’s true in songwriting, most visual arts, woodcarving. A balloon does not necessarily turn out better with more air in it.

Stegosaurus and Horse

The last two pieces are the ducky and the ladybug bracelet. These are good examples of figures that get a lot more complex when you start to add 5 inch rounds. For now, they are a solid basis, and another good exercise in the roll through.

Ducky and Ladybug Bracelet

The next chapter we get into some more advanced twists. Soon we’ll be launching off from the fundamentals, and getting into those multiballoon masterpieces.

We’re off to hopefully see some real swans. They are migrating through our part of PA right now.



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