Day 6 – Chapter 10 – Hats

Hats. Oh there are hats.

This is the largest chapter, which is why it took me a few more days to get to it. I want to twist each chapter in a single sitting. (Pop twist revisit notwithstanding.) This chapter has a lot of variations on very similar themes. I decided to make each one listed, with variants shown. This is a discipline blog after all. However, I did not do each one separately. I had to same some balloons, so many got re-used in other hats.

These are all pretty basic hats, but the exercise in making them all is good to open up the creativity. The silly balloon hat is a genre unto itself. You don’t have to make it look like anything in particular. I mentioned a book in an earlier post that was an early resource for me, Addi Somekh’s book on hats. One is called a “ballie brain protector.” I made that for a ton of kids and that’s all I had to call it – a brain protector. Fun stuff.

When I’ve been around other twisters, I have heard conversations around the question “why hats?” It appears some twisters do not like to do them, or feel they are overused. A good number of other twisters use them as a majority of line and restaurant work. I think the benefits are obvious: less breakage, more visibility, less fighting. Many current DVDs and e-books have great involved hat patterns. Don Caldwell’s Mad Hatz and Wild Wearable series is up to Vol 5 (though good luck locating Vol 4). I’d also like to take a minute to recommend a great resource for quick and simple hats. My first twisting DVD was Bad to the Balloon Vol 1 by Mark Byrne. Mark uses the bending technique to great effect on these really fast hats. In addition to great usable material, his DVDs are top notch in production. My kids like to watch the opening sequence repeatedly.

Back to the book. So here are the pictures of my hats, in order, from chapter 10. The captions are the names given in the chapter. It was a long session, but I had to do them all.

I have been struggling with the wordpress interface to get the pictures aligned right, and I have given up. While working on this blog post, I dropped a laptop, which is fine, but the thumbdrive plugged in was broken, and I lost pictures of my kids bowling for the first time. So I’m cursing tech right now.

Head Band


Pilot's Headset

Space Helmet

Space Helmet with Pom-Pom

Wild Antennea 1

Wild Antennae 2

Hairy Hat 1

Wild Antennae 3

Hairy Hat 2

Bike Helmet


King Crown

Queen Crown

Super-Duper Hat

Twist Hat

Princess Hat

Braided Hat (Aladdin's Turban)

Lightning Bolt Hat

Flower Hat

Spiral Hat

Super Space Hat

Mouse Ears

Octopus Hat

Monkey in a Tree Hat

Spartan Hat

Heart Hat



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