Day 7 – Chapter 11 – Heart Designs

Heart Designs

This is a short chapter, and a pretty easy one. The 5 inch heart balloon is a very versatile add-on. You don’t have to do much with them to get a big response. I have blown them up only to have a little girl ask to have just the heart. I try to put it on something, but she just wants that heart all by itself.

When I first ordered balloons, I got the “sweetheart assortment” of red, pink and white. I had no idea why anyone would want other color hearts. Now I’ve purchased a multi-color assortment, and an entire bag of 100 black hearts. Why, you say, would I want 100 black hearts? Bird beaks. The heart balloon has been incorporated into some really innovative designs. As a center of a princess sculpture, as the face on a cow, or as beaks, the heart gives great possibilities.

For now, we’re sticking to the traditional shape of the heart, in both 5 inch round, and in bent 260s. Here’s where I once again have a struggle. I have had pretty decent success at bending balloons, but this definitely should improve with experience. My hearts are so-so. I think this is the 3rd zen balloon figure that everyone should try to perfect. Dog, swan, heart. I seem to be working on a balloon version of the Chinese calendar here.

As I look at my less-than-I’m-happy-with bends for my 260 hearts, I think what I notice is that I end up with a fatter section of balloon where I make the bend. This is easily covered up in other bent designs I like to do, but with the heart it may be problematic. Any tips on bending and not getting a deformed swelling? I’ve really appreciated the input on other posts, this could be one for some discussion.

So without further delay, here are my figures from Chapter 11.

Shaped Heart

Lovebirds on a Heart

My difficulty with the proper bent heart shape gets worse with the smaller size. The loop I made here was quite tight with air, and was less pliable when bending the shape. When the 5inch heart is added, it helps greatly.

Heart Wand

Heart Wand with Teddy Bear

My lack of articulation is the same on the butterfly.


I intentionally switched colors to show how clover-like this flower is. My kids called it a 4-leaf clover as opposed to a flower. It’s a versatile pattern.

Heart Flower


Other Patterns Shown Without Names

Teddy With Heart

Bigger Wand

Braided Wand with Bear

Two Bears on a Heart



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