Day 9 – Chapter 13 – Balloon Cartoons

Here we are, the last chapter. And, it is the last day of March. I had originally thought I could do this in 15 days, and I had split up the book into 15 sections. I am glad I didn’t try to do that. I didn’t always have the time in a day to do this. As it is, I am a little nuts for waiting until this day to finish the book. It’s the middle of Holy Week, which in my work, is like Peyton Manning trying to write a book the week of the superbowl. I’m no Peyton Manning, but I’m as busy this week.

So, in an effort to save time (and some balloons) I used a base figure for some variations (as I did in the heart chapter). The bear base adds a tail and becomes a cat. The rabbit becomes a coyote/wolf or a mouse. The duck changes bills, tails and feathers and becomes various birds.  I made each bill but did not switch them all in for each one to get a picture. Again, these figures are not supposed to be exhaustive, but to show variations and get the individual artist thinking about more variations.

The rudolph utilizes a variation on the tulip twist. I have seen this referred to as a marriage twist, though more specifically it will only work with a small bubble on one end. This technique uses something I had not been exposed to before, an anchor knot. It’s very effective to get the red nose on the end of rudolph’s face. The eyes on rudolph are the kind that you see on many large figures.

The last figure is the martian. The martian is the first usage of a balloon bigger than a 260. It’s listed as a 345, though these days most will be more familiar with a 350. As you will see, I was unable to get the rounded head that is featured in the sketch in the book. I wish I could finish the book on a better-made figure than this one, but it’s just not my best work at all. Not that chapter order really matters toward the end of the book (it’s quite important in the first half) – but this would be one edit I would make. I would swap chapters 12 and 13. I think the bicycle and wagon are the most impressive, even if easier to make. Just a personal preference of mine. On the other hand, the cartoons are more of a jumping off point for one’s own creativity, so they are a good way to end the book in that regard. Either way, the foundations are here for many directions of one’s own creativity.

Big Ol' Bear

Big Ol' Cat

Crazy Rabbit

Coyote or Wolf (In Easter Bunny Color)


Dippy Duck

Collection of Beaks

Red = Woodpecker   Orange = Pelican   Black = Eagle    Grey = Stork



Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph Close-Up


This is the last chapter, but not the last post. I am going to try to come back and finish boning that duck before midnight my time.



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